See what clients are saying about their time with Tyler Brown.

Tyler’s training has been amazing. I’ve been training with him for six months and have had the best results out of any program I’ve ever tried. Not only am I in the best shape of my life, I actually know the correct form for every exercise he has us do.
— Mike
Until I was under Tyler’s training, I had reached a plateau in my performance, strength and agility. His methodical approach to our training program keeps my body “guessing” and continues to build in those three key areas.

Today I am not only stronger, but I’ve added several new body-weight exercises such as ring muscle-ups - which at one point I couldn’t even fathom. Tyler Brown, you’re a life-changer!
— Brandon
Tyler has been training me for about a year now. I’m 43 years old and I’ve never felt better. Tyler has me keeping up with the young 25 year olds that I work out with. He has actually shown me not only how to properly lift weights but also combine the weight training with the right amount of cardio. His level of patience, professionalism and care is hard to find. I truly appreciate him and everything he does.
— Dennis
Tyler actually makes it fun to work out. He always has a smile on his face and you can tell he genuinely likes what he does.
— Brittany
I started working out with Tyler about 6 months ago and I feel amazing! My body has never been more energized and sculpted, and there is no turning back. Tyler is knowledgeable about not only movements, but also muscle function. Most importantly, he is patient. I leave every session feeling accomplished and closer to my target body goals. When is the next class?!
— Kathryn
Tyler is the only thing that got me back in the gym after five years and four babies. I walked in feeling fearful and weak, and he taught me ways to build strength and confidence while protecting muscle groups that had experienced the most damage and stress. I’m so grateful for his coaching!
— Rachael
What makes Tyler different than most other group trainers is a fundamental grasp of programming. Anyone can make a client tired, but Tyler has a systematic program to make his clients stronger and better conditioned. As a result, I’m lighter, leaner, and moving heavier weights.
— Matt
Tyler has been a great leader for us guys from Wyndham Capital. He’s always supportive, upbeat and hilarious to be around. Thanks Tyler for helping me get in the best shape of my life!
— Isaac
Tyler is a great motivator and encourager! It’s makes working out and getting your arse kicked a whole lot better when you have a great coach and someone who is good at what they do!
— Lea
It has been a pleasure participating in Tyler’s training classes. His knowledge and strategy has made a significant impact on my life, for the better. There is no doubt I am stronger, more athletic, and pushing myself to the next level because of Tyler’s coaching.
— Ramsey
Tyler is one of the most knowledgeable trainers I have every had the pleasure of working with.
He is committed to doing things the right way, the safe way and the most effective way! He stays true this core beliefs and I know my group is better because of him!
— Matthew